Montecerboli - The Castle

Montecerboli is situated in the middle of the famous Etruscan country, between the hills of Pisa and the valley of the Cecina river. This little village's name was first referred to in 1003, when the foundations of the old castle were laid down.  You can still see some of the old castle to this day. Of course, over the centuries the castle has much changed. Many families have lived in the castle and surrounding houses over the centuries. The Castello Nagy Guest House is situated among these houses on Via Castello (Castle Street) at number 10. The whole area around the castle is under protection as of historical significance. All renovation works has taken into account special conservation requirements and standards, as well as the requirements of the 21th century. As a result the interior and exterior of the castle has retained its original restructuring landscape. Accordingly, stone and brick dominates the apartment for rent, including original wooden ceilings. Currently the apartment has two rooms for rent, which are located on the first floor.

The village itself does not feature as a major element of the local history. However this region has experienced active underground volcanic activity, which has assisted theeconomic wellbeing of the village. The area is characterized by a volcanic activity, which happily, have not affected normal life here. There are historical descriptions indicating the area was affected by continuous venting of steam from underground sources. That is why the valley lying between Montecerboli and Larderello is still called the Devil’s Valley. Dante in the Divine Comedy refered to this territory to illustrate the Inferno.In the 1800s, the French Francois Jacques de Larderel based the first factories for acid boric extraction in the area, which then spread throughout the whole region, providing a significant economic boost. Larderel, the nearest village, became associated with the Count of Montecerboli whose title was bestowed by Leopold II, Grand Duke of Tuscany, for all his efforts in promoting these activities to the general benefit of the region.